As part of our commitment to keeping our community safer, Dryer Vent Wizard of North Jersey shares industry knowledge with Ramsey, NJ residents. Learn about dryer vent safety, warning signs, and news here!

Organize Your Laundry Room!

Is an unorganized laundry room slowly driving you mad? Are you drowning in piles of clothes that have nowhere to air dry? Exhausted by the process of sorting your laundry over & over again? It's time to organize your laundry room and save your sanity! These five tips will help out immensely with the neverending saga that is laundry. (You can thank us later. ;))

1. Your husband...

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Get Your Home Fall-Ready

It's officially fall (though the weather hasn't quite gotten that memo yet)! Is your home fall-ready? If not, here are a few quick things you should do to prepare for the start of cooler weather & shorter days to keep your home in tip-top shape and your family safe.

1. Clean your chimney – You'll likely be using your fireplace a lot more as the weather cools off, so...

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Staten Island Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryer Vent Wizard is proud to provide Staten Island with superior dryer vent cleaning, repair, and maintenance services. Our mission is to keep our community safe from dryer vent fires, which can be deadly and lead to millions of dollars in property damage every year.

Our routine dryer vent cleaning services are also valuable for ensuring proper dryer operation. All vents will...

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Making life a little bit safer one dryer at a time...

Laundry. It's a never-ending cycle (especially if you have kids!) and oftentimes, one of the least favorite household chores. Drying clothes can be the worst of it as that takes longer than washing the clothes, clothes come out all static-y, things bang around, things get wadded up...ugh! That's why we've gathered a few tips to make drying clothes a bit easier, so read on, then...

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Why is My Dryer Vent Leaking?

Do you have a leaking dryer vent? Then you should call us – RIGHT NOW. You might be asking, “does it really matter if my dryer vent is a little leaky?”. The answer is YES. Why is that? Because a leaking vent can cause mold, mildew, and dust to build up in the house – which means your allergies will go haywire (plus, you know, mold is super bad for you). And if you have a gas dryer, there...

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