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The Anatomy of a Dryer Fire

Sure, we talk about dryer fires a lot (it’s our job to, after all), but do you know how exactly dryer fires start? There are certain circumstances and components that come together that result in the perfect recipe for disaster. Knowing these can help you reduce the risk of a dryer fire happening in your home. So, what contributes to a dryer fire?
There are three main components to a...

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Are You Ready for Fall?

Believe it or not, fall is right around the corner—just a little over a month away! Are you and your home ready for fall weather? If not, it’s never too early to get started on preparing your home for cooler weather. Read on for a few tips on how to keep your home in tip-top shape and extra safe during the upcoming months.
• Check for drafts in your home. It’s a bit of a process, as you’...

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Ew, Why Does My Dryer Smell Strange?

With everything our dryers go through, it’s no surprise they sometimes smell a little strange. But why do they sometimes smell like burnt rubber or mildew? And should you be concerned about these odd smells? Here are some of the most common strange dryer smells and what to do about them.

My dryer smells like mildew. If you’ve ever opened the door to your dryer to find a wet, moldy...

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Not Just Dryer Vent Cleaning!

We talk a lot (A LOT) about our dryer vent cleaning services in an effort to impart how important it is to keep your dryer vents clean. However, dryer vents aren’t the only thing we can service when it comes to your dryer! Our other dryer services are just as important and help just as much to keep your dryer working properly and your home safe from mold and fire. What else can we do to help...

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Mold & Your Washing Machine

You already know that your dryer can produce mold if your dryer vents are blocked, but did you know mold can grow in your washing machine as well? Makes sense consider the water used in it, and if you never clean it out, then mold and mildew are sure to show up. If this has happened to you, you can take a few steps to preventing the problem and getting your washing machine looking (and...

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