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It’s National Safety Month!

Did you know that June is National Safety Month? It is! What exactly does that mean? Well, National Safety Month is a time to identify dangers in your home and figure out how you can make your home safer for your family. How can you observe National Safety Month? A great way to do this is by updating or putting together a fire safety plan. Having a fire safety plan is a essential to ensuring...

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It’s National Home Improvement Month!

Happy National Home Improvement Month! Ever since 2002, May has been designated National Home Improvement Month, an initiative began by the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) with the help of the U.S. Congress. National Home Improvement Month was created to celebrate (you guessed it) home improvement, as well as to make it simpler for homeowners to find home remodeling...

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Is Your Laundry Room Safe?

Asking if your laundry room is safe probably seems like a silly question; why wouldn’t it be? Despite being so frequently used, many homeowners don’t know about the hidden dangers hanging out in the laundry room. Thankfully, these dangers can be remedied with just a little maintenance, so it’s fairly easy to get your laundry room back to being safe. What are these hidden dangers?

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Laundry Hacks to Make Laundry a Breeze

No matter how you look at it, doing laundry can be a huge pain. It seems like a never-ending cycle, day in and day out, making it one of the most hated of household chores. But it has to be done, so what are you supposed to do? Well, you could try incorporating a few of these laundry hacks into your laundry day to make things much simpler!
1. Keep separate laundry loads for every person...

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Birds & Dryer Vents

Spring is here, the weather is getting warmer, and the birds are coming out! The thing about birds, though, is that they can be bad for your dryer vent. How so? Well, if you’ve noticed that your dryer is taking a longer time to dry clothes this season, there’s a good possibility that you have a bird’s nest stuck in the dryer vent somewhere.
But wait—why would birds build their nests in...

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