No! Don’t Put That in the Dryer!

Dryers are heavy-duty items, so chances are you don’t usually think about the kind of damage that can come to them simply by doing your laundry regularly. But putting the wrong kinds of items in your dryer can not only damage the item, but it can harm your dryer, too. Plus, it might even raise the chances of you having a dryer fire. Here’s a look at some items you’re probably tossing into your dryer, but really shouldn’t be!
• Activewear: Putting activewear in the dryer won’t harm your dyer, but it can ruin your clothing. Most activewear is made out of sweat-wicking material, which isn’t a material made for the dryer. Consistently exposing it to high heat can cause holes and tears in your clothing and damage the functionality. So, let activewear air dry!
• Beach items: Sun, surf, and sand are great for you, but not your dryer. If you toss clothing or beach towels into your dryer that still have sand on them, it can get trapped in your dryer’s drum. This will not only cause your dryer to become noisy, but it can eventually damage the drum.
• Embellished items: Do you love sequins and other embellishments? Well, unfortunately, your dryer does not. Embellishments of any kind can be dangerous for your dryer, as they can break off and get stuck in the dryer vents or even melt in the drum. (Melting damages your clothing, too!) so, if you have embellished clothing, pillows, blankets, etc., skip tossing them in the dryer.
• Hosiery: You might not think that hosiery, like tights and pantyhose, would get damaged in the dryer, but your dryer can easily tear rips and holes into them. Plus, the heat of your dryer can cause hosiery to shrink. If you wear this sort of thing, lay them flat to dry instead.
• Oils/Chemicals: Obviously, you aren’t just tossing oil into your dryer. But you may be throwing in clothing or towels that have been stained with oils or chemicals, and stains like those can spark a dryer fire. Of course, you’re washing these items before you put them in the dryer, so you’d think that would get rid of the stains. But that’s not always true. A go through the washing machine doesn’t always remove oil and chemical residues, so if you throw something in the dryer with that residue, you could easily have a fire on your hands. Always air-dry these items instead!
• Pet hair: We love our furry, four-legged friends, but let’s face it; they get hair absolutely everywhere! And that everywhere includes clothing and bedding. These items will need a good wash every now and then to help remove the pet hair not picked up by the lint roller. However, your washing machine won’t always get rid of all that fur. And that’s bad news for your dyer. Pet hair in the dryer will gradually build up, adding to the lint getting into your dryer vents, and that, of course, can lead to a dryer fire.
• Suede: Sometimes suede items may be able to go through your washer, but that doesn’t mean they should go through the dryer. In this case, it’s because of the damage it will do to your item, rather than the dryer. The heat from your dryer can make suede melt, distort, and crack, ruining your item. Skip the dryer, and always air dry!
Being careful about what you put into your dryer ensures not only that your dryer will have a long shelf life but also reduces the risks of dryer fires. So, dry responsibly!
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