Laundry Hacks for Sparkling Laundry

Knowing everything there is to know about dryers and dryer vents means we also know a thing or two about keeping laundry clean and looking fantastic. That’s why we know tons of hacks to use on your laundry to keep it looking its best (while you save time on doing it). Take a look at some of our favorite laundry hacks below!
1. Hate static cling? So do we. But to avoid it, you need to know what the biggest culprit of static cling is—over drying your clothes! Dry clothing for the shortest amount of time possible to help get rid of static cling.
2. Who doesn’t want soft, fluffy towels coming right out of the dryer every time you do laundry? To get towels this way, all you need is baking soda and vinegar! Just add a bit of those with ½ the amount of your usual detergent to loads of towels and stiff towels will be a thing of the past.
3. Oil and grease stains are a pain, but did you know you can eliminate them with chalk?
4. We’ve all been there—you pull laundry out of the dryer only to find your favorite sweater has shrunk. But don’t worry, because you can fix it! Just soak it in a solution of warm water and hair conditioner, then you can stretch it back out to its original size.
5. Here’s a hack you might have already incorporated. Instead of washing your jeans each time they’re worn, only wash them every 3–5 wears so they preserve their shape!
6. Are your colors fading no matter how you wash your clothes? Try tossing a handful of salt into the washing machine!
7. Armpit stains are the worst, but they can be removed. Just mix a bit of baking soda and lemon juice to wipe them away.
8. Winter can be rough on your clothes and rock salt can be a part of that. If you’ve gotten stains from rock salt on your clothes after salting the driveway, you can get rid of them by first brushing the stains with a soft brush to get rid of dried rock salt. Then, mix one quart of warm water with one tablespoon of white vinegar and use that to wipe the stains away. Let your clothes air dry, then you can wash as normal!
9. Have a piece of clothing that needs to be air dried, but you’re short on time? Toss that item in a salad spinner to quickly remove excess water before hanging to dry.
10. Have you noticed your jeans smelling a bit…odd? Believe it or not, freezing your jeans once a month will help kill off any lingering bacteria causing odors!
There are plenty more laundry hacks where those came from, but give a few of these a try to see how much they can improve your laundry experience!

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