Thanksgiving Fire Safety

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and we’re excited to be able to see family members this year and enjoy delicious food! What we’re less excited about is the potential for home fires during the Thanksgiving season. The holiday season is a time when the majority of home fires occurs. In fact, the U.S. Fire Administration estimates the number of fires on Thanksgiving Day alone is 2.3 times more than home fires on any other day of the year. And the average cost for a fire on Thanksgiving Day? Approximately $9500!

We want to help you avoid a Thanksgiving Day fire, so you can concentrate on enjoying time with family and friends. Read on for what to watch out for and how to avoid potential fire hazards.

 Never leave the kitchen when you’re cooking. We all know this, but let’s be honest, we all do it anyway. But leaving the kitchen when you’ve had the oven on for hours or have something cooking away on the stovetop means you won’t be there to try to stop the spread of a fire if it occurs.
 Speaking of the stove, keep any flammable objects far away from it. This includes potholders, food packaging, and even aprons. If an object that can catch fire is close enough to an eye, it could lead to disaster.
 If you’re deep frying your turkey, be careful placing it in the fryer. Not only can hot oil cause burns if it splashes on you, but if it splashes outside the fryer and goes unnoticed, the heat of the fryer could set that oil off.
 Candles are wonderful, especially when you’re entertaining guests. However, you don’t want to place them near anything that’s flammable. You also want to be sure candles are out of reach of children and pets.
 Make sure the kitchen floor is clear. The kitchen can get hectic on Thanksgiving Day, and if there’s a toy, pet dish, or other items on the kitchen floor, you could trip and fall - possibly right onto the stove.
 Don’t wear loose clothing while cooking. Loose sleeves or a loose apron string could easily brush against the stove or inside of the oven and catch fire.
 Do keep a pot lid handy to smother any potential grease fires.

Thanksgiving should be a joyous time, full of laughter and good food. With these fire safety tips, you can ensure the holiday is just that instead of a day that ends with the fire department visiting your home.

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