Stop Putting These in Your Dryer!

Our dryers go through a lot - a lot of laundry, a lot of wear and tear - but there are some things they go through that they don’t need to. If you’re putting any of these items in your dryer, you’re making your dryer run less efficiently, putting yourself at risk for a fire, and possibly ruining items. To save money, time, and potential heartbreak, stop putting these items in your dryer!

1. Bras: The materials bras are most often made of include elastic and spandex. When you put these materials in the dryer, the high temperatures break them down making them less elastic and supportive. This means your bras will lose their shape and no longer be of use.
2. Bath mats: Bath mats (or mats similar) have rubber backs, which are a huge no-no for the dryer! That’s because rubber crumbles under high heat, creating a fire hazard.
3. Tennis shoes: Whatever materials your tennis shoes are made from, putting them in the dryer can be a recipe for disaster. The high heat from the dryer can make your shoes’ shape distort and even result in the soles separating from the shoe. Instead, air dry them. Want them to air dry faster? Try sticking crumpled newspaper in them. It will help to soak up the moisture making them dry quicker.
4. Dryer sheets: We know. Dryer sheets are important because they smell nice and make clothes less static-y. The issue is the residue from dryer sheets can build up in your filter which results in lint being more difficult to remove - and more lint equals a higher fire risk. Another downside to dryer sheets? They can mildew and mold! Try dryer balls instead.
5. Slippers: Slippers usually have non-skid soles, which the dryer heat can melt.
6. Stuff covered in pet hair: If you have pets, you know it can be a struggle to control the amount of pet hair covering absolutely EVERYTHING. When it comes to clothing or other fabric that’s been all fuzzed up, you should get rid of the pet hair BEFORE you throw it in the laundry. Why? Even going through the wash may not get rid of all it, and if clothes go in the dryer with pet hair, it will start building up in the lint trap and/or your vents. That leads to running your dryer longer due to slower drying and a possible fire hazard.
7. Stuff you put in your pockets: Sometimes, we forget to check our pockets or our kids’ pockets before tossing something into the laundry. Unfortunately many of the things placed in pockets (lip balm, crayons, gum) are easily meltable, resulting in stained clothing and a fire hazard.
8. Fabrics with paint: Whether you’re an artist or have just been repainting your home, you probably just toss paint-splattered clothing into the wash. But, paint is flammable, making it a no-go for the dryer.
9. Reusable shopping bags: Reusable shopping bags definitely need to be washed regularly (just think of all the germs!). However, they shouldn’t be put in the dryer unless they’re 100% cotton. Otherwise your bag could end up shrinking, warping, or melting.
10. Too many clothes: Laundry is a pain, we get it. Stuffing as much clothing into a load as possible seems like an easier way to get it all done quickly, but too large loads in the dryer put stress on your machine causing it to work less efficiently. That means longer drying times which means you aren’t saving time at all!

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