Dryer Lint & Your Dryer

You know that your dryer creates a lot of dryer lint - lint that can get trapped in the ducts and cause a fire if it’s not taken care of regularly. But, have you ever wondered just how all the lint shows up in your dryer? Where does it come from? What is it made from?

Over time, our clothing starts to shed very tiny fabric fibers due to wear and tear with natural fibers producing more than synthetic ones. This is what comprises lint. As your clothes go through the wash, it’s not only dirt that’s being lifted; it’s lint as well. So, why doesn’t lint show up in the wash? Simple - because it’s wet, the lint stays stuck to your clothing.

However, once it’s in the dryer the lint is removed by the friction of your dryer’s tumbling action. You’d think that the lint would get stuck inside the dryer drum, but there’s an element in dryers that creates a stream of air that blows lint off the clothing entirely and traps it in your lint screen. More lint is removed by your dryer’s exhaust system that sucks out moisture and heat.

Now you know how lint appears, but did you know lint can get stuck in places other than your lint trap and dryer vents? It typically happens when an obstruction occurs in your vent line, so you should keep an eye out for lint in the following place:

 The incorrect side of your lint screen. If lint is on the wrong side of the screen (or if there’s no lint at all), then you most likely have something causing a lint backup in your dryer.
 Behind the dryer door or in the door seal. Lint can also get caught here when something is blocking it’s natural path to the lint screen and through the exhaust system.
 Lint remaining on clothing. If your clothing is coming out of the dryer covered in lint, there’s definitely an issue - most likely a clog in the vent - that’s stopping lint from getting out.

If any of the above happens, you should call in an expert immediately to diagnose the issue and fix the problem. And, of course, you should be cleaning out your lint trap after every use of the dryer and having your dryer vents cleaned at least once a year. The alternative to keeping things clean could be a dryer fire, which is something you want to avoid at all costs.

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