Stay Safe This Thanksgiving!

Who’s ready to eat turkey and cranberry sauce and hang out with the fam? We certainly are! We’re also ready to dive into some Thanksgiving fire safety tips.
Did you know the holiday season is when the majority of home fires occur? It’s true! The U.S. Fire Administration estimated that the number of Thanksgiving Day fires is 2.3 times more than fires occurring in the home on any other day of the year. And those Thanksgiving Day fires cost approximately $9500 each.
You definitely don’t want to deal with the cost and trauma of a Thanksgiving Day fire, so we’re sharing a few tips that will help keep your family safe and sound!
Thanksgiving Fire Safety Tips
With these tips you’ll be sure to stay safer this Thanksgiving, so you can concentrate on turkey and pie and fun.
• Keep flammable objects away from the stove. It’s normal to keep things such as potholders or kitchen towels near the stove, but it’s also dangerous. Any flammable object close enough to an eye could catch fire and lead to disaster. And it’s not just potholders; this includes food packaging and even the strings of the apron you’re wearing!
• And speaking of apron strings—don’t wear any loose clothing while cooking (including having loose, dangling apron strings). Anything loose that brushes up against an eye could be dangerous.
• Keep a pot lid handy to smother any potential grease fires.
• Don’t leave the kitchen in the middle of cooking. Seems obvious, but sometimes we take a step away from the stove to see what’s going on in another room. Leaving the kitchen while you’re cooking (especially if you’re using several eyes and the oven at once) means you won’t catch a fire right away if one begins.
• Ensure the kitchen floor is clean and clear. Kitchens can turn into chaos on Thanksgiving Day (so much food to cook!), so if your floor isn’t clear of pets, small children, toys, etc., you risk tripping and falling (possibly straight into the stove).
• If you have candles going, be sure they are far out of reach of pets and children. Also, place them far away from flammable items.
Final Thoughts
It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement and chaos of Thanksgiving, but remembering these fire safety tips will ensure you have a happy holiday filled with cheer.

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