Autumn Yard Work for Fire Safety

As winter approaches, it’s not just your home you should prepare for fire safety - you should also keep an eye on what’s happening outside your home. Taking the proper steps to prepare your yard for fall and winter will help reduce fire risks. We’ve gathered a few areas you should be sure to take care of in the next month or two!

1. Cleaning out your gutter and removing debris from your roof helps reduce a) the risk of moisture damage right now and b) fire spreading once warmer weather rolls back around. Make sure to practice proper ladder safety when doing this!

2. As leaves began to fall and the never-ending job of raking them commences, it may be tempting to burn the leaf pile that accumulate. If you go this route, make sure to check your town’s ordinances on leaf burning, DON’T use any flammable liquids to ignite and keep an eye on the leaf pile at all times plus be ready to extinguish at a moment’s notice (if the wind picks up suddenly you could quickly have a big problem on your hands). Alternately, consider one of these safer methods of disposal: recycling, curbside pickup or calling a junk removal service.

3. Never park your car over a pile of leaves - the heat coming from your car could cause an ignition!

4. Make sure your chimney and vents have been cleaned and serviced by a professional.

5. If your home has posted house numbers, trim any surrounding limbs or bushes away so that in an emergency, first responders will be able to see/find them.

6. Likewise, clear away anything in a 3-foot vicinity of your fire hydrants that could get in the way of firemen.

7. Remove fuel from lawn mowers and similar items before storing for winter. Escaping fuel vapors could start a fire.

Just a few simple steps can make your home and the immediate surrounding area much safer for you and your family this fall and winter!

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