Organize Your Laundry Room!

Is an unorganized laundry room slowly driving you mad? Are you drowning in piles of clothes that have nowhere to air dry? Exhausted by the process of sorting your laundry over & over again? It's time to organize your laundry room and save your sanity! These five tips will help out immensely with the neverending saga that is laundry. (You can thank us later. ;))

1. Your husband constantly forgetting to remove the change from his pockets before he throws his pants into the laundry basket? Keep a mason jar on a shelf to hold the loose change that you find. (Then buy yourself something nice when you save up a bit; you deserve it.)

2. Sorting out laundry before you wash can take forever and is a total pain, so why not pre-sort it in advance? Have two hampers going at the same time: one for whites and one for colors. So much simpler!

3. Much like change, lone socks tend to add up over time. Keep a basket handy for those poor, lonely socks to hang out in (and maybe eventually their mate will show up!).

4. Space can be precious in a laundry room, so laying things out to dry just won't do. Go vertical instead by buying an inexpensive freestanding drying rack to reclaim some much-needed space.

5. Finally, keep that dryer lint under control by putting in a trash can with a cover, so it all doesn’t blow around the room. Remember, dryer lint is one of the enemies of the laundry room!

Your newly organized laundry room is going to be amazing! (Plus, it will save you precious time on doing laundry.) Check back with us for other great tips on all things dryers, vents, laundry, and more!

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