Happy Fire Prevention Month!

While Fire Prevention Week was October 3-9, the entire month of October is dedicated to raising fire safety awareness. This year’s theme from the National Fire Protection Association is “Learn the Sounds of Fire Safety” in an effort to educate people about the different kinds of sounds smoke and carbon monoxide alarm can make. When an alarm goes off - whether it makes a beeping or chirping - knowing what to do can save your family’s life. Below are some of the tips they offer to help you learn the sounds of fire safety!

What your smoke alarm is telling you:
 If you’re hearing a chirp every 30-60 seconds, it’s an indicator that your smoke alarm battery is low and needs to be replaced.
 If you’ve replaced the battery, yet you’re still hearing a chirp, your smoke alarm itself is just about dead and needs to be replaced entirely.
 If you’re hearing an incredibly loud BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, it means there’s smoke or a fire and you need to exit the premises immediately and call 911.

What your carbon monoxide alarm is telling you:
 Like with a smoke alarm, a chirping noise every 30-60 seconds means the battery is low and needs to be replaced.
 When your carbon monoxide alarm has reached the end of its life, it will make a noise like your fire alarm - that may be a chirping, but the sound will vary by manufacturer.
 If you’re hearing four loud beeps, it means carbon monoxide has been detected and you need to leave your home and call 911 immediately.

General safety tips:
 Make sure your family has a fire safety plan and that everyone knows it.
 Keep anything you might need in a hurry - eyeglasses, phone, mobility devices - on your bedside table or right by the bed so you can grab them quickly in case of fire or carbon monoxide alert.
 Keep some nightlights throughout the house - especially in hallways - so people can see where they’re going in case of a night time exit.
 Keep hallways and stairs clear of clutter so no one trips and falls during a rushed exit.
 If someone in your house is deaf or hard of hearing, there are alarms specifically made for them that contain strobe lights to alert them. There are also devices that work with smoke alarms that will shake the bed to wake them.

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