Laundry Hacks to Up Your Laundry Game

Laundry Hacks to Up Your Laundry Game

Life is full of awesome hacks to make things a little easier (yay!) but do you know your laundry hacks? Do you know the fastest way to dry clothes? Have you ever shrank your favorite shirt in the dryer? (Yikes!) What's the best way to fight static cling? It turns out that knowing a few clothes drying tips can save you a lot of hassle once your clothes are dry. Here are some of the best tricks we’ve picked up for everything from dryer sheet alternatives to how to dry your clothes faster.

1. The Ice Cube Trick - If you have something that's wrinkled or has been worn once and could use a quick freshening up, toss it in the dryer with a dryer sheet and an ice cube for 10 minutes and it'll be smooth and fresh once again!
2. Fastest Way to Dry Clothes – The fastest way to dry your clothes (and keep them static free) is to add balls of aluminum foil to the dryer to get rid of static cling. The foil discharges any static buildup and helps keep clothes separated, allowing them to dry faster.
3. Next Fastest Way to Dry Clothes - Add a dry towel in with wet clothes to dry clothes faster. (Note: not particularly a good idea with darks though as it may result in your clothing being covered in lint).
4. The Laces Trick - Need to dry some shoes quickly but hate the banging sound they make in the dryer? Take the laces and close them in the latch door or tie them and hang them on the tiny hook inside (if your dryer has one).
5. The Reminder Trick - You know that shirt you don’t want to dry because it will shrink if you do? If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably forgotten once in a while only to ruin your favorite piece of clothing. Well, you’ll never have to worry about that again with this trick. Use a dry erase marker to write yourself a reminder on the dryer! (Seriously, why have we not been using this one our whole lives??)
6. The “Oh Crap, I Shrank It Anyway” Trick – Still somehow managed to shrink an item of clothing? No worries! Just try this - Soak the clothes in baby shampoo and water (or conditioner and water) to relax the fibers, roll up into a towel to get out some of the moisture, and then stretch the item gently. Apparently, it works wonders.
7. Dryer Sheet Alternatives – Soak sponges in your fave fabric softener! (Mix fabric softener and water in equal amounts.) Add them back to the liquid after each use.
8. The No More Lost Socks Trick – Lose no more socks to the sock monster in the dryer AND get rid of static cling at the same time, simply by pinning socks together with a safety pin before putting them in the dryer.

Easy peasy, right? Now you're set to spend more time on life and less time on laundry. Enjoy!

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