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Laundry. It's a never-ending cycle (especially if you have kids!) and oftentimes, one of the least favorite household chores. Drying clothes can be the worst of it as that takes longer than washing the clothes, clothes come out all static-y, things bang around, things get wadded up...ugh! That's why we've gathered a few tips to make drying clothes a bit easier, so read on, then revel in your new-found knowledge.

1. The fastest way to dry your clothes? Add balls of aluminum foil to the dryer! The foil discharges any static buildup and helps keep clothes separated, allowing them to dry faster. Also, buh-bye static cling.
2. Once you’ve taken your clothes out of the washing machine, shake them out before putting them out to dry. This helps items retain their shape (which means less work for you later in trying to fix them).
3. Running late and need to dry a load of laundry a LOT more quickly? Toss a dry towel in there for 15 to 20 minutes. (The dry towel helps absorb moistures from the other items). Note: you might not want to do this with dark colored loads though because of lint.
4. Oh no! The shirt you were going to wear is wrinkled! Forget the iron - toss that sucker into the dryer with a dryer sheet and a couple of ice cubes for ~10 minutes. Voila, no more wrinkles!
5. Have a pair of shoes you need to dry but definitely don't want the headache that comes with shoes banging around in the dryer? Here's what to do: Pull the shoe strings up over the outside of the dryer door with the shoes on the inside. Close the door and the strings will hold the shoes in place, so they don't tumble around. So easy, right? And you probably want to keep the dryer on low heat when it comes to shoes, just so you don't accidentally ruin the material.

With these tips, you're ready to go conquer the world of laundry! It may still be your least favorite chore, but maybe it'll be a little easier now at least.

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