Oops, Don’t Put This in the Dryer!!!

Dryer are pretty heavy-duty items so we don’t often think about damage being inflicted upon them just by doing our laundry. It can happen though if you put the wrong item in your dryer. Not to mention, the wrong item can damage the item itself (wasting your valuable money) or even raise the risk of fire (yikes). Take a look at these items you should really, really never put in your dryer.

1. Activewear: this one won’t damage your dryer but it sure can ruin the clothing! Most activewear these days involves sweat-wicking material which is decidedly not dryer friendly. Exposing it to high heat can damage its functionality, weaken the material causing tears and holes, and eat away at the elasticity. Instead let your activewear air-dry by either hanging or lying flat.

2. Beachwear: the beach is great but it’s not so great for your dryer. If sand from beach towels or bathing suits ends up in your dryer it can get trapped in the drum causing an irritating sound and eventually damage to the dryer. Not to mention tossing your bathing suit into the dryer will cause it to lose its stretch over time. Definitely another one that’s best suited to air-drying.

3. Suede: some faux leathers are actually washable but none of them should be put in the dryer. The high heat of your dryer can cause suede to crack, distort, or just plain melt ruining your item of clothing and sometimes ruining your dryer. So not worth it! Instead, buff away dried stains with a suede brush + white vinegar or try talcum powder on wet stains. And if you do put suede through the washing machine, air-dry away.

4. Oil/Chemical Stains: so, you know how the majority of home fires start with the dryer? Yeah, this is one of the ways those dryer fires can get started. It seems pretty obvious to not throw an oily kitchen towel or clothing splashed with gasoline into the dryer, but the thing is that washing those items may not completely remove the oily residue. You toss THAT into the dryer without double checking and you could have fire, explosion, or death. Pretty frightening, so make sure to always air-dry those items with oil/chemical stains on them.

5. Hosiery: tights and pantyhose are incredibly easy to rip and tear. Adding them to the dryer only increases the chances of them being ruined. Not only will this cause tiny holes to become bigger, but it can also cause your hosiery to shrink. Instead, lay flat to dry (hanging can stretch them out!) OR roll them in a dry towel overnight.

6. Pet Hair: while your furry friend’s bedding, clothing, etc. definitely need a good wash now and then, the washing machine doesn’t necessarily remove all your pet’s fur from the item you’re washing. This is bad news for your dryer. Over time that pet fur will build-up and add to the lint in your dryer and we all know the danger there - FIRE HAZARD! It’s not just the inside of your dryer you want to keep free of pet hair either; keep underneath and behind clean and clear as well.

7. Embellished Items - have a penchant for sequins? Can’t get enough of your bedazzler? Whatever embellishment is your style, it’s dangerous for your dryer. Embellishments can melt, break off, and get stuck inside your dryer vents. Plus, if it involves glue of any kind the glue itself can melt as well ruining your clothing. (Warning also applies to throw pillows and other home accessories!)

There are other items that you should avoid tossing in the dryer such as rubber backed bath mats, tennis shoes, lace, and lingerie for a variety of reasons as well but most of those are for the items own good rather than for your dryer’s sake (except the rubber backed bath mats - rubber + dryer = bad!). Being careful about what you put into your dryer ensures not only that your dryer will have a long shelf life but also reduces the risks of dryer fires. So, dry responsibly!

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