The Dangers of Hidden Dust

Dust is annoying. It’s dirty, it makes you sneeze, and it gets absolutely everywhere. What you might not realize is that it’s actually dangerous as well. Researchers from George Washington University identified 45 toxic chemicals in dust particles. FORTY-FIVE! That’s a lot of toxic chemicals. They also estimated that 90% of American homes contain at least 10 of these chemicals. Chances are that your house is one of those homes. What’s worse is that dust can hide where you least expect it. So where can you find it and how do you eliminate it?

1. Your dryer - Drying your clothes creates dust because it’s made of material. That dust is usually trapped in your lint trap or expelled via the duct but neither of these is 100% foolproof. Be sure to wipe your dryer down inside & out for dust periodically.

2. Your curtains - You probably don’t think about your curtains much. You picked them out and now they’re there blocking the sun so yay. But your curtains actually hide a lot of dust. It’s hard to see because the particles hide inside the fabric but if you were to take a stick and hit your curtain, you’d likely see a cloud of dust. Getting rid of your curtain dust is simple though - just run them through the washing machine and you’re good to go.

3. Your baseboards - No matter how nice & clean these look, your baseboards are dustier (and dirtier) than you think. Don’t believe us? Run a dust rag over the top of one and see how clean it comes away. When you vacuum your floors, remember to use the nozzle attachment to clean the bottom of your baseboards to pick up dust (and dirt and other debris). You’ll definitely breathe easier!

4. Behind your pictures - Here’s a place you definitely don’t think about which makes it the perfect place for dust to hide. Just take a picture (or a clock or other wall hanging) off the wall and see what we mean. Depending on how long the photo has been hanging there, it can be scary. Keep this hidden place in mind whenever you do your regular dusting and you should be good to go.

5. Your ceiling fan - This one doesn’t seem like a likely place for dust - it’s always on the move so dust should just fly right off, correct? Nope. Ceiling fans can turn into a very noticeable spot of dust if you leave it too long (we’ve seen some frightening looking ceiling fans in our time) but if you keep them maintained before they buildup you’ll be much happier. How to clean them without getting dust all over what’s underneath though? Spray a pillowcase with dusting spray, place it carefully over each fan blade, and wipe the dust off. The dust should collect in the pillowcase but vacuum underneath just in case for any dust you might have stirred up. Do this once a month and you’ll never look up to a terrifying sight.

And, of course, each time you clean you should wipe down all surfaces in your home. Don’t let dust add up in your household. You’ll breathe much easier once your cleaning is done and be much safer without it.

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