Laundry Hacks to Make Laundry a Breeze

No matter how you look at it, doing laundry can be a huge pain. It seems like a never-ending cycle, day in and day out, making it one of the most hated of household chores. But it has to be done, so what are you supposed to do? Well, you could try incorporating a few of these laundry hacks into your laundry day to make things much simpler!
1. Keep separate laundry loads for every person in the home. One of the parts of doing laundry that seems to take forever is separating out everybody’s clothes once the laundry is done. However, you can skip this step by keeping everyone’s laundry separate in the first place. Simply give each person a laundry basket, then do laundry by the basket. Voila, you’ve already saved some time!
2. Ugh, socks. Washing and sorting socks is an annoyance, through and through. You’re either losing socks to the dryer monster or more than one person in your home has similar socks that make them impossible to decipher between. So, why not invest in some zippered mesh bags? Give one to each person in the home so they can put dirty socks in them, then stick the bag in with the laundry and return when done.
3. Items that need to be handwashed can be time consuming, too, and unfortunately, there’s not much you can do about it. But you can save space when it comes to drying all your hand washable items. Rather than hanging them over the shower rod or in various places throughout the home, purchase a drying rack of some sort. Then all your hang to dry items are in the same spot and not in the way.
4. If your washing machine is beginning to smell a bit funky, it’s probably because it’s one that has a super tight seal to trap moisture inside after each laundry load. The result is unpleasant odors and mildew. However, by leaving the door to the washer open just a smidge after you do laundry, the issue will be resolved (and you won’t need to deep clean your washer!)
5. Finally, a quick way to save some time doing laundry is to keep all your laundry-related items (dryer sheets, detergent, fabric softener, etc.) together in one place. Stick them in a basket or on a tray, place it by the washer and dryer, and you’ll never have to deal with searching down an item again!
Laundry can be a pain, but it doesn’t have to be the absolute worst part of your week. With these hacks you can save a bit of time and make life easier, which means more free time for what you want to do!

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