Tools of the Trade

Have you ever wondered about the tools we use to clean out your dryer vents? We have an array of professional dryer vent cleaning tools we utilize to make sure we’re getting your vents as clean as possible. Here’s a quick look at a few of them.

How do we diagnose any problems with your dryer vent system that could lead to dangerous gas leaks, excess moisture that causes mold, or potential fire hazards? With our specialized measurement tools used to gauge back-pressure, airflow, and temperature in your system. Reduced airflow in your vents cause several issues from longer drying times to greater energy use and is often caused by improper vent routing, lint buildup, or birds’ nests. Back-pressure being too high can reduce the amount of air that escapes during drying times leading to decreased efficiency and increased wear and tear on your clothing.

If we discover a clog or debris in your dryer vent system, we then use a curated set of tools that we’ve found are most effective for scrubbing vent lines such as the brush system below.

It may look ordinary and small, but in the hands of our talented technicians something like this brush system will have clogs and debris gone in no time!
And if we need to move your dryer to get to a clog, no worries because we have the correct equipment to move heavy items. Our appliance-moving device allows us to relocate your dryer safely AND protect your flooring at the same time. No scuffs or marks left behind!

There’s more to cleaning out your dryer vents than just removing debris though. Like in every other part of your home bacteria, viruses, and even fungi can find their way in and now, more than ever, the last thing you need is bacteria or viruses lingering. Most of the bacteria, etc. that gets into your dryer vent system is caused by birds, rodents, and other pests. If we find a left behind nest or animal droppings in your vents, we have the tools to sanitize and rid your home of any potential bacterial or viral threats - such as the one below. We can even install pest-proof vent covers on your vents to prevent future infestations!

Dryer Vent Wizard is here to provide you and your family with a safer, healthier experience with your dryer!

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