How to Remove Common Laundry Stains

Life is messy. Whether it’s your kids bringing in mud on their clothes or accidentally spilling a glass of wine on your favorite shirt, stains bound. Here’s a handy list of the most common laundry stains and how to remove them.

Soak in lukewarm water ASAP.
Dab some detergent or vinegar (diluted in water) onto the stain.
Wash on the hottest cycle recommended for that particular fabric, repeat as needed.
Try not to use powder detergent or a bar of soap as this can set the stain.

Blot the stain with paper towel (don’t rub, this will set the stain).
Cover with table salt immediately – it absorbs red wine very quickly.

Shake off excess chocolate.
Use clear tape to life out any that’s embedded.
Rinse with cold water.
Cover with laundry detergent for 5-10 minutes.
Soak in cold water and rub stain.
Apply stain remover if necessary.
Launder as normal, then air-dry.

Dab at stain with cold water.
Soak in cold water ~30 minutes.
Launder as normal.

Dab the stain with a towel dipped in rubbing alcohol.
Cover the stain with a mixture of laundry detergent and bicarb soda, allow to sit for 30 minutes.
Brush away gently with an old toothbrush.
Wash in cold water.

When mud has dried, brush off as much as possible.
Pretreat with a paste of powder detergent and water, liquid laundry detergent or a liquid detergent booster.
Launder as normal.

Use lukewarm water to treat.
Submerge in a bucket of warm water with detergent for 10-15 minutes.
Remove and gently dab at the stain with detergent and allow to stand.
Repeat if needed.

INK (Note: some inks such as ballpoint or liquid may not be removable.)
Sponge the area around the stain with rubbing alcohol or cleaning fluid before applying it directly on the stain.
Place stain facedown on clean paper towels. Apply alcohol or cleaning fluid to back of stain. Replace paper towels frequently.
Rinse thoroughly. Launder.

Spray hairspray directly onto the stain and allow to stand for 10-15 minutes.
Wipe the stain with warm water and a clean cloth.
Repeat if needed, then wash as usual.

If you’d like to the best ways to treat even MORE common stains, from various food products to deodorant and more, the American Cleaning Institute has a comprehensive list on their site.

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