Spring Cleaning Tasks

Who’s ready for spring cleaning? Yep, it’s that time of year again - time to deep clean your home top-to-bottom, store your winter stuff away, and more. Are you ready? If not, don’t worry, we’ve made this handy checklist so you’ll have your home spring-ready in no time!

1. Wash those windows & let the sunshine in! It’s time to wash windows inside AND out. Wait for a less sunny day and start on the shady side of your home since direct sun can lead to spots and streaks. Don’t forget to dust blinds and wash or vacuum any drapes & curtains as well!

2. Get rid of winter dust and grime. Really go top-to-bottom on the inside of your home by cleaning doorways, window sills, corners of the ceiling where spiderwebs like to hang out, walls and baseboards.

3. Clean those cabinets. Whether it’s kitchen cabinets that have dust and grease on them or entertainment center cabinets that are smudged with fingerprints and still sticky from that soda you spilled on them, wash them down.

4. Clean out the kitchen pantry. How often do you go through your pantry and search out foods that are expired or have gone stale? Now’s the perfect time to get rid of what you can’t use and restock.

5. Deep clean your oven and fridge. Even if you wipe these down on a regular basis, there’s probably some grease and grime left over in the corners or underneath refrigerator drawers that you’re missing. Get rid of it now and start the season fresh.

6. Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum. Seriously, vacuum your carpets and in between the sofa cushions and the upholstery and your pet’s bed. Get your vacuum out and go to town!

7. Every once in awhile, you need to flip your mattress to keep it in the best shape it can be. Do it now.

8. We don’t always remember to replace light bulbs as they burn out, so go around the entire house now and find all the bad bulbs and replace them.

9. Wash your shower curtain. It’s great (and necessary) to use a bleach cleaner on plastic shower curtains, but periodically you should throw it in the washing machine as well. (Just don’t put it in the dryer after!)

10. Check batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and change out if needed.

11. Check electronic cords to make sure they’re untangled and plugged into a surge protector.

12. Update your first aid kit. Throw out any expired items and replace as needed. (This applies especially to medications - whether it’s prescription or OTC, if it’s past its expiration date, get ride of it!)

13. Put winter away. Store winter coats and clothing, decorations, and home items somewhere safe for spring and summer.

14. Check the expiration date on your fire extinguisher! That’s an item you definitely don’t want not working.

15. Get your dryer vents inspected and cleaned if necessary. You want to make sure they’re not clogged or kinked up and are working properly. Your dryer will thank you!

Spring cleaning can seem like a huge, insurmountable task but breaking it down by steps and doing a little bit each day will get you closer to the goal of a shiny, spring-ready home. Good luck and here’s to nicer weather on the way!

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