Why Do I Need a Booster Fan?

There's a chance that if you're reading this, you're having a problem with your dryer. Maybe it takes an extra-long time to dry stuff or there's just an insane amount of lint build-up? One of the typical causes of these problems is a too long and/or convoluted dryer duct. When your duct goes on and on forever or has more twists & turns than your fave roller coaster, it causes the back pressure to be too high, which just means there's less air being sucked out of the dryer. That translates into problems like 2+ hour dry times, as well as an increased risk of fire, mold and mildew growth. When moisture fails to make it through the entire vent line, it may seep back into the laundry area or settle in the vent itself, promoting fungal growth. EW. BUT the solution is simple – this is why booster fans were created.

What IS a booster fan? Well, it's a fan that boosts the air flow. The longer explanation is they're fans place inside ducts, 15 feet or more away from the dryer. They have built-in controllers that can sense when the dryer is on which enables them to run when they're needed only. Different booster fans have different ways of running (different cycles, etc) but they all do the same job of helping air move through ducts. Basically, they're a pretty good thing to have.

Luckily they're one of the things that we not only clean but install as well! If you don't yet have a booster fan, we HIGHLY recommend you get one for safety reasons (ahem, FIRE IS BAD) and we'll happily come help you put it in. Our expert dryer vent technicians will install your booster fan where it will provide the best supplemental airflow and make sure it is functioning during installation. Then, when needed (approximately once a year) we'll come back and clean it for you. Our expert technicians will remove all the lint and debris that's built up on the fan, then do a close inspection to make sure it's still properly working. Easy peasy, right?

We're the experts for professional Northern NJ Metro Dryer Vent Cleaning & repair! Give us a call at 201-345-0055 so Northern NJ Metro Dryer Vent Wizard can help you save energy, time, and money. Some of the towns we service include: Parsippany, Livingston, Fairfield, Bloomfield, Nutley, Paramus, Passaic!

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