Safely Store Winter Clothing

Spring is almost here! Who else is excited for warmer weather? We’re more than ready to ditch the bulky sweaters & coats and jump into short sleeves & sandals. Unfortunately, we can’t just toss all our winter wear into a closet till next year - we need to store it correctly so it’s clean and undamaged for next year. Here’s how to do just that.

1. Cull the crowd. How many items did you NOT wear this past winter? What are the chances you’ll wear them next year? Probably not high. So go through your winter wear and take out what you know you won’t wear again and donate them to a friend or charity.
2. Clean & mend what you’re keeping. Putting away winter items with stains or holes will just cause future you more work. Clean all your winter items and fix any that might have holes or tears before packing away.
3. Look for moths. Having moths in your home can equal stored clothing being eaten away at. Not only should you get rid of any you see flying about but you should try to find any eggs that might have been laid as well. Calling an exterminator now will save you a ton of energy and headaches down the road.
4. Time to pack things away! If you have the closet space available, you can hang up items like down coats, pleated skirts, or items that will get heavily wrinkled if folded. For the rest, invest in large, easy to stack plastic containers with air-tight lids. Fold items neatly and use acid-free tissue paper to add an extra layer of protection to vintage, delicate, or special items. Then store the containers in a cool, dry, dark location.

Taking all these steps now with your winter clothes means not wasting time when winter rolls around again - you’ll simply need to unpack and hang up what you need - and keeping your clothing in tip-top shape.

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