Do I Need A Booster Fan?

Is your dryer taking eons to dry clothes, but you’ve checked for lint everywhere and haven’t found any? The problem could be that you have a crazy long dryer vent! Most dryer exhaust vents average around the 25-foot range, but some homes have much longer ones. It could also be that your dryer vent has lots of twists and turns and bends. Both of these things - a too long dryer vent and a vent with lots of bends - can cause problems with your dryer. The solution? A booster fan!

What is a booster fan? A booster fan does pretty much what it says on the tin - it’s a fan that boosts air flow. These fans are placed inside ducts approximately 15-feet from the dryer and have built-in sensors that tell them when your dryer is in use. That way, they only run when they need to. If you’re dryer vent is super long or super bendy, air flow can become restricted so a booster fan is necessary.

If you’re having issues with your dryer and have found no discernible cause, we recommend you look into getting a booster fan. Not only will they help your dryer become more efficient, but they’ll also help to prevent a dryer fire! Installing booster fans may be a little tricky, but we’re always willing to lend a helping hand. Our expert dryer vent technicians will install your booster fan where it will provide the best supplemental airflow and make sure that it’s functioning properly. You’ll also need to have your booster fan cleaned once a year. Luckily, our technicians are pros at removing all the debris and lint that’s built up in the fan too.

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