Genius Uses for Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets aren't just for dryers & laundry anymore. They can be used in a variety of ways – think of them as the MacGyver of your laundry tools. Here's a look at all the ways you can utilize these nifty little sheets!

1. Have old books but not a fan of old book smell? To rid your books of musty odors, brush them lightly with a dryer sheet.

2. Your TV and computer screens tend to get dusty a lot because they're electrically charged which attracts dust. No worries, just dust them with a dryer sheet! They remove the dust and keep it from resettling for a few days.

3. Getting grime off pans is the WORST. Sometimes no matter how long you soak there's still bits left stuck on there. That's because you're not soaking with a dryer sheet at the bottom. (Yes, really.) Putting a dryer sheet at the bottom of a burnt pot and letting it soak in water overnight will help loosen the muck and leave your pots spick and span.

4. Dryer sheets can also help out when it comes to your fuzzy, furry friends. Pet hair on furniture can be a real pain but a used fabric softener sheet will suck that fur right off the fabric with a couple of swipes. And if your dog comes in from the rain smelling particularly ick, just wipe them down with a dryer sheet for fresh smell!

5. Smelly garbage? lining it with dryer sheets will help. The sheets will absorb odors and leaks, and keep the can as clean as possible.

6. Spilled flour while baking? That's typically a pretty sucky sitch but dryer sheets make it less so. Dryer sheets can easily clean flour accidents and other dry spills because flour sticks to the sheets.

7. A use you probably already know but ones that's certainly handy in the summer months is using dryer sheets as mosquito repellent. Just tie one around your belt loop or stick it in your pocket and you're good to go!

Dryer sheets are pretty amazing and versatile things to keep around. Quite possibly the uses are only limited by your imagination!

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