The Hidden Dangers in Your Laundry Room

Do you know how safe your laundry room is? The laundry room is one of the most used in homes, yet many homeowners aren’t aware of the hidden dangers lurking there. Luckily, these hidden dangers can be easily taken care of with just a bit of maintenance. Here’s where you need to look to keep your laundry room safe.

One of the biggest dangers in your laundry room is, of course, the possibility of a fire. If you neglect to clean out your lint trap after every load in the dryer, lint builds up creating a tinder bundle. Then there’s your dryer vent itself, which over time can get clogged with lint and dust. When it gets too clogged, the heat of your dryer can cause the lint and dust to catch fire. This is why you should have a dryer vent cleaning service like Dryer Vent Wizard clean out your vents at least once a year.

That’s not all a clogged dryer vent can do, however. If you own a gas dryer and your vent gets clogged up, the carbon monoxide fumes that usually disperse through the vent will end up going into your home instead, making you and your family at risk for carbon monoxide poisoning. One more reason to have your vents professionally cleaned once a year - and don’t forget to place carbon monoxide detectors around your home so you’ll know if this happens.

It’s not just your dryer you need to keep an eye on though. If the rubber hoses leading to your washer crack or fray, it can cause them to burst resulting in flooding. Consider replacing rubber hoses with reinforced braided hoses to help prevent cracking and bursting.

Where do you keep your containers of detergents and pre-treatments, etc? It is vital that all chemicals are kept tightly sealed and stored far away from where children might reach them. Plus, if you make your own detergents, etc. be sure to store them in containers that don’t resemble drinking bottles and label it in some way so it’s not mistaken for something drinkable.

Make sure your washer and dryers lock. Small children (and pets) find washers and dryers excellent places to hide which can be dangerous. If your machines don’t automatically lock, get a child proof lock to prevent children from climbing in and getting stuck.

While your laundry room may be a bit more dangerous than you realized, by taking care of your machines, storing chemicals out of reach of children and making sure children (or pets) can’t climb into machines will help keep you and your family safe.

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